Peter + Sian

A hopeless case: The anatomy of emotion: No more white coats: Gregory’s Girl: A feeling of being suspended between the sky and the sea: The North and South Inches: You … Continue reading Peter + Sian

I had a project as a small boy

This film is for Richard Holloway. Audio credits: [1] Bridget Phelps, 1 January 2022 [mother of Antony Schofield] [2] Richard Holloway – Radio 3, Private Passions Music credit: ‘The Monster’ … Continue reading I had a project as a small boy

I sing what I feel [wunderkammer]

Forgive me for taking so much time in making a film of your beautiful song. You shared your song with me in its infancy and infiniteness, and without a title. … Continue reading I sing what I feel [wunderkammer]

[ F U N C T I O N A L ]

I retired as a doctor 2 years ago. My career was in psychiatry for older adults and I succesfully campaigned for a Timely approach to the diagnosis of dementia. I … Continue reading [ F U N C T I O N A L ]