“Travel is an essential part of official government business”

The Herald, 21 May 2023, news report: Scots Gov officials in £15k NY trip bill. I am sure that the Scottish Government would agree that the Scottish public should be … Continue reading “Travel is an essential part of official government business”

‘Leaving on a jet plane’

Earlier this month, several individuals representing NHS Scotland, took a jet plane to Qatar: This was to attend this Conference in Doha: This conference was hosted by Hamad Medical Corporation … Continue reading ‘Leaving on a jet plane’

‘The latest estimate’

For a film that I am currently making I have been reading through old copies of the Kirkintilloch Gazette and came across this, most confident reassurance, published in March 1903: … Continue reading ‘The latest estimate’


This is a report from the Sunday Express, 21 January 2018. It reveals how the Scottish Government is allocating public money at a time when our NHS is struggling: