We listen.

For many years now I have shared as much as I possibly can in relation to my activism for Sunshine legislation. Last week I wrote a letter to the Royal Colleges, General Medical Council, UK Governments, UK Parliaments/Assemblies, Science Media Centre, and all relevant regulatory bodies. I stated my view that it is “surely time for the leading organisations in the UK to support the early introduction of Sunshine legislation”.

So far, I have had one or two acknowledgements only. Yesterday, when passing through Waverley Station, Edinburgh I noticed scot “We don’t just hear you, we listen”.  This acknowledges the risk that failing to listen can cause distress. It is most fortunate that we have organisations like the Samaritans who are ready to listen.

This poster turned my mind to many years of communicating with establishment organisations who, despite slogans including “everyone matters”, “no decision about me, without me”  and “making sure your voice counts”, have shown very little evidence of listening.

I am hopeful that in the weeks ahead communications will be cooperative in the fullest sense and not missing any essential information:

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