Balhary Walled Garden

Balhary Walled Garden, near Alyth featured in the Scotland on Sunday, 12 June 2022. It is opening for charity: Teri Hodge-Neal: The Aesculapian Club of centuries past understood such healing … Continue reading Balhary Walled Garden


This morning I explored COREHOUSE, a place by the river Clyde, that is much older than ‘New Lanark’. Without too much thought [I kind of go by feel] I made … Continue reading COREHOUSE

Return to the seed

I will not share the location of this film as there can be consequences of doing so. However, this was filmed in a 17th century walled garden and attached house. … Continue reading Return to the seed

near my dear home there’s a garden

This short film is about a walled garden that lost it’s walls and is now surounded by motorways: Music credits: [1] ‘The Kings Speech’ – Alexandre Desplat [2] ‘Is there … Continue reading near my dear home there’s a garden