Secret of the Yew Tree

‘If we are on a path of initiation into the secrets of landscape, earthlore and healing, the yew tree can become a powerful heirophant.’ The Ormiston Yew The circular Yew … Continue reading Secret of the Yew Tree


Balmasque by Roy Fairchild. Roy Fairchild-Woodward was born in surrey in 1953. He has been known as both Woodard and Fairchild during his career; Fairchild, his family name, is used … Continue reading Balmasque

Last of Horse Wynd

Those who may be familar with some of the words and images that I share on hole ousia [a non-existent place] will be aware of my fascination with archives! Archives, … Continue reading Last of Horse Wynd


This watercolour is of a design for a “cookery demonstration exhibition hall”. There is something electric about this beautiful design. No further details are known about it other than the … Continue reading Electricity