an ordinary Degree

I gained two ordinary degrees before becoming a specialist. Sian, my wife, has been a General Practitioner in all the time that we have been together. I am now retired … Continue reading an ordinary Degree

incredible shapes

A passage from The Quarry Wood by Nan Shepherd

Very old tonight

As a wee boy I was taken by my Granny to a theatre in Edinburgh to see a production of ‘Peter Pan’. Since then I have been fascinated with shadows. … Continue reading Very old tonight

‘The largest funeral ever witnessed in Kilsyth’

Last week, in the very early hours of Sunday morning, I went for a walk in Garrel Glen. I then followed the “Tak ma doon Road” to Kilsyth. There, wandering … Continue reading ‘The largest funeral ever witnessed in Kilsyth’

Tak ma doon Road

In that moment.

In that moment

Yesterday, I walked up nearby Garrel glen. I was looking for rock carvings but did not find them. So I followed the “Tak ma doon Road” to Kilsyth. It was … Continue reading In that moment

Kilsyth Wayfarers’ Rambling Club

This post is about the Garrel Glen which is to be found just north of Kilsyth, In this glen there are beautiful waterfalls, caves and carvings. The New Statistical Account: … Continue reading Kilsyth Wayfarers’ Rambling Club