Alexander Marr

Alexander Marr (1833-1916) was a Head Gardener for Bannockburn House.

In 1867, his wife Margaret gave birth to their first child: Peter

Alexander Marr was born in Ashmillburn Cottage, a cottage that once sat alongside the river Teith and nestled in a gentle curve that included Doune castle.

Before he became Head Gardener for Bannockburn House, Alexander Marr served his apprenticeship at Roxborough Castle, County Tyrone, Ireland:

[Roxborough Castle was ‘burned out’ by the Irish Republican Army in 1922. Today, nothing of it survives.]

Following Bannockburn, Alexander Marr, along with his young family moved to Paisley.  They lived at  52 Canal Street.  Alexander never ‘retired’ as a gardener.

Alexander Marr died in May 1916 at the age of 81 years. An impoverished and ageing widower, his last days were spent in Paisley Poorhouse:

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