Oor Big Braw Cosmos

Last night, at the University of Glasgow, I attended the book launch of “Oor Big Braw Cosmos”. It was written by John C Brown, Astronomer Royal for Scotland, and Rab … Continue reading Oor Big Braw Cosmos

“Echoes defiantly against that silence”

This film is my dedication to Scott Walker (1943-2019)

Was capable of touching the universal

This film is my dedication to Scott Walker (1943-2019)

Silent as light

Peter and Sian visited the Rembrandt exhibition in Edinburgh, on Saturday 13th October 2018. Music credit to: Choriosum  ‘Borrowed words’: Edwin Morgan, Dylan Thomas, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Julian Barnes, Deborah levy, … Continue reading Silent as light


This film considers language and perception. The film is based in Aberdeen where Peter fell in love with Sian. It was filmed in November 2017 when Peter was attending a … Continue reading Sapir-Whorf

Ode to Narrative

 Born backwards; could sleep standing-up, lived in a world upside-down. silent as light. grafted like a Scott; found and loved Cimbrone. Stars that shine now. The doctor (under)standing on his … Continue reading Ode to Narrative