Mr BARKER: Inventor and Proprietor of the PANORAMA

Henry Aston Barker (1774 –1856) was a Scottish landscape and panorama painter.

Barker was born in Glasgow, the younger son of Robert Barker, the panoramic painter, whom he assisted as a boy. At the age of twelve he was set to work making outlines of the city of Edinburgh from the top of the Calton Hill Observatory.

He frequently travelled in the course of his work, and in August 1799 left England to make drawings for a panorama of Constantinople. At Palermo, he was introduced to Lord Nelson, who, he wrote, “took me by the hand and said he was indebted to me for keeping up the fame of his victory in the Battle of the Nile for a year longer than it would have lasted in the public estimation” (Barker’s memoranda).

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