Colonel William Mercer of Aldie and Meikleour was clearly very fond of his Tullybeagles estate and had ercected, sometime before 1790, a white obelisk on  top of Craig Gibbon. This was so that he could point out Tullybeagles to his guests at Meikleour.

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The Lodge was apparently also white-washed but was finally demolished, and all traces removed, following un-remediable dry-rot.

The last to live there was Miss Mary Anderson  who died there on the last day of March 1946.  This is the 1940 Valuation roll for Tullybeagles:

It would seem that Mary had lived at Tullybeagles all her life, and continued to look after the lodge after her the death of her mother Grace:

This is a photograph of Grace with her daughter:

The photograph below is of Grace with her husband, Donald Anderson, Gamekeeper for Tullybeagles. Donald died in 1916.

June 1911:


The photograph below features Lord Charles Fitzmaurice in an exercise for the Navy:

In October 1953 Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, and their young family were guests at Meikelour and at Tullybeagles they went to shoot:

My apologies if I have made any errors in sharing these details on Tullybeagles. Please let me know if I have. I would also love to see a photograph of the lodge, assuming that any such photograph may have survived.

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