Captain Phillips

A friend from Australia, aware of my interest in Johnston Shearer, the pioneer Scottish Photographer, recently sent me this photograph of Captain Phillips as taken in 1870 at 242 Union Street, Aberdeen:

Here is a short film about Johnston Shearer, the photographer:

A fascinating story has emerged of some of the life of Captain Phillips. Here is his obituary from 1896:

Captain Phillips was born in Aberdeen in this Close (in my time as a Medical Student the Close was no longer there and in its place was a large discount and second-hand goods store):

Here are some of the vessels of Captain Phillips, beginning with The B U N D A L E E R:

The C R A I G E N D A R R O C H:

The I N V E R C A U L D:

The I N V E R C A U L D:

Captain Phillips would have known my great-great-great-grandfather, Captain Alexander Morrison who was Harbour Master for Aberdeen:

Captain Phillips sailed the World’s seas to return home. He died in the city of his birth:

He is buried in Nellfield Cemetery with his family:

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