Antony’s mother

Last week, Antony contacted me. He was in great distress. I replied straight away.

This week, Antony’s mother contacted me to tell me that Antony was dead.


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[Antony’s mother is in her eighties. Antony was her only son. Since Antony’s death we have spoken on the phone. Antony’s mother is now bereaved, isolated and alone]

[I shared Antony’s communication, along with confirmation of his death by suicide, with the President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. I have received no reply from the President or any other spokesperson from the Royal College]

Please note: Antony’s mum has given me full consent to write about the final day’s of her only son. Indeed she has asked me to do so, adding that I was “the only one to believe in her son” and his most distressing, and ultimately overwhelming symptoms of withdrawal from a prescribed medication [Paroxetine].

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  1. Since writing this post I have been informed that the President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists did send a response but got an error message. It may be the server was busy. My e-mail addresses have always been kept open to all.

    Peter Gordon

  2. Pease can you convey to Antony’s mother all of our sincerest understanding – of the horrors that she and Antony endured and of the pain of her bereavement now.
    Although we did not know Antony – we do know something of the unbearable – and apparently unrelenting – situation in which he found himself. We care very deeply and understand all too well why he could not tolerate this any longer than he did.
    Hoping that memories of happier times with Antony will sustain Antony’s mother through the sadness.

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