The Secret Garden

This film is a re-imagining of finding Newton Mausloeum. This mausoleum was built before 1809 [for Alexander Gordon whose family wealth came from trading slaves]. I visited the mausoluem on the 6th August 2019:

[please click on the above image to play a short film]

The Newton Mausoleum is beside the main road north, just after Pitcaple.

I struggled through bog and nettles to find it: but through dense undergrowth, above me like a temple, I came across this family tomb. I found it doorless and unvisited.

Newton, the home of this forgotten and now decrepit mausoleum, has a secret garden. I have heard gardeners whisper that this secret garden is most special. It was where the ‘Gentle Gardener’ first learned his craft.

Music credit:
‘Exit Music’ – by Steven Lindsay

Audio Credit:
This film begins with an edited audio sequence from Archive on 4, on Samuel Beckett

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