Let science always have open gates to the subjective

British Psychiatry still teaches young doctors to divide the subjective from the objective. I am of the view that this is not just unrealistic but that it is harmful to the science of well-being.

I dedicate this film to all those who have had any form of mental health treatment, whether it has been helpful, unhelpful or somewhere in between.

I have been dismayed at some of the language used on both sides of this “divide” following the publication of the Lancet meta-analysis on antidepressants.

Please let us respect all experience and let science always have open gates to the subjective. This applies equally to professors, academics, scientists, and thought leaders  – because the subjective involves  us all.

My short film, Lecture in Progress, features the voice of Mark Lythgoe a British neurophysiologist, and the founder and director of the Centre for Advanced Biomedical Imaging at University College London, where he is professor of biomedical imaging.

Lecture in Progress:

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Music credit:
‘What if this is all the love you ever get?’ by Snow Patrol

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  1. Great piece again Peter…I am making this short as my previous comment failed.

    I agree that ‘scientific objectivity’ can shut out the subjective, but am not sure this means we need to let go of the subjective/objective divide. More on this soon!

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