‘This dichotomy is an extraordinary one’

I have argued before why I agree with Dr Allan Beveridge that it is time for my profession to abandon the so-called “subjective-objective divide”. This divide is not helpful and often results in artificially separating us from one another.In recent months, following the publication and reporting of the Lancet meta-analysis on antidepressants, it has seemed to me that we have seen this dichotomy strengthen with negative consequences as outlined by Dr Beveridge.

The Royal Society of Medicine has recently begun a series of podcasts which in the first episode included expert discussion on antidepressant prescribing. One of the limitations of podcasts is that they are short and therefore may choose not to include the “subjective”. As a profession this is something we have to be very careful about.

[a transcription of the first 14 minutes of this half hour RSM Health Matters podcast can be accessed here]

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