“Toad of Toad Hall”

This is a story of one man, Archibald Campbell Brown Stevenson. A man who preferred to be known as the “Toad of Toad Hall“.

In this film, an old friend of the “Toad” recounts some of the extraordinary story.

“Toad of Toad Hall”:

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This story is about “Toad’s” love of motor cars. On route we find “Toad” involved in death and destruction. It is a dark journey fueled by alcohol and “Toad’s” obsessions. Casualties include the “Toad’s” family, an elderly woman, rock stars, Hatton house (historic mansion) and Mavisbank (Scotland’s finest small country house).

Music Credits:  Dexter Britain (free under common license), Adrian Johnstone, the Bay City Rollers and Guy Garvey.

2 Replies to ““Toad of Toad Hall””

  1. Dear Peter,

    Just a note to say I really enjoyed your little film about Mavisbank House {Toad of Toad Hall).
    When I was 10, my best friend Peter McMahon and I used to fish for Perch in ‘Archie’s Pond’. We were always scared that Archie would catch us, and indeed one day he did – shouting to us from the steps of the big house, to ‘B*gg*r Off’; but instead of running away, we approached him, and asked if it was alright to fish in his wee loch.
    ‘Of course’ he replied, ‘any time you like’.
    Coincidentally, I used to live in Kippen, and know the Hole of Sneath & Whale’s Gullet very well, yet I too have never, or should I say ‘not yet’, found ‘Henrietta’s Grave’…
    Once again, a charming little movie!

    Best wishes, Maris.

    1. Dear Maris,
      How kind of you to be in touch.

      Archie Stevenson was some man!

      The Boquhan glen is so beautiful. A special place.

      Thank you for watching some of my wee home-made films and I am so glad you enjoyed them

      aye Peter
      Bridge of Allan

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