Beyont Mizzerment!

I honestly forget when it was that I wrote this Doric poem. It must be considerably more than ten years ago!

This poem celebrates long life, but more particularly long life that carries wisdom.

I reckon that the association between longevity and wisdom is not a linear one.

As a scientist: I would suggest that we ask if our romantic notion – that every long life marks a wise life – can be substantiated beyond the romantic?

As an artist: I would insist that we never lose sight of the wonderful and important insights that experience through time provides .

Peter (11th February 2016)

Speeshal folk – Deeside loons
The like weel nae see agin
Hunners of years auld, hunners.
Aye speeshal loons – beyont mizzerment!

The ancient Dallyfour lived
a hunner and twenty-sax year –
wud ye believe it?
An berit in Glenmuick
Wi the dates 1596 tae 1722 on his stane:
Betwixt his cradle an his grave
John Mitchell of Dallyfour
behelt saiven monarchs and twa kings
an the union o’ the Croons.

The ancient Dubrach lived
a hunner and ten year –
aye wud ye believe it?
He carrit Dumfoonert’s name – Peter;
And Granted Auchindryne.

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