Somewhere on the other side of the afternoon’s horizon

Peter and Sian had a break in the Scottish Borders, September 2020. We stayed in Kelso, at Ednam House. This is a short film.

‘His solace, his recreation, his enjoyment’

Hector Rose [1826-1872] was Head Gardener at Floors Castle from 1857 to 1868. He was born in Cawdor, the son of a village shoemaker: The early career of Hector Rose … Continue reading ‘His solace, his recreation, his enjoyment’

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NETWORK 3 [voices]

A film of voices. Voices include: Andrew Gordon, an unknown commentator, Anne Baird, BBC announcer, William Boyd, Ben Okri, Captain Charles Ryder, Jeremy Irons, Ella Rae, Domino, Dr Ian Collins, … Continue reading NETWORK 3 [voices]