Firrhill High School

I was a pupil at Firrhill High School from 1979 to 1984.

I wish that my memory was better.  My recall is not as I would wish. However, I can say with confidence, that a number of teachers at Firrhill High School saw beyond my ‘backwardness’. For this I am ever grateful.

At this crucial age, four teachers changed my life: Mrs Beaton [English], Mr Clooney [History] ,Mr Morris [Geography] and Mr Syme [Art]. Of the four, only one needed to ‘push me more’ and that was Mr Syme!

Image below: My registration class, second floor, with Mr Brand, Physics teacher [where I ‘registered’ each morning along with ‘THUG’ my friend]:

The Firrhill Stage: Elaine C Smith was Drama teacher. I was far too shy to ever get ‘near’ the ‘stage’!

[Below] the view from Mrs Beaton’s class:

[Below] Mrs Beaton’s Class [a temporary building just beyond view]:

This post is for Mrs Beaton. I wish that I could remember her better. Mrs Beaton's encouragement changed my life.

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