“Not a trustworthy source of info on me”

There are a number of high profile psychiatrists on social media. Many years ago one of them was described on Twitter as ‘The Poster Boy for British Psychiatry’.  A further contributor, a British psychiatrist, suggested that this “Poster boy” should be the “next President” of the Royal College of Psychiatrists so as to “make psychiatry great again!”

The “Poster boy for psychiatry” stated last week that the Founder of Surviving Antidepressants is “not a trustworthy source of info on me”.

In 2021, the vital role of  Surviving Antidepressants was considered in this paper published in the Journal of Therapeutic Advances in Psychopharmacology:

Some years ago, in this post about ‘The Defeat Depression Campaign’ , I said:
“I have come to appreciate that lived experience of medication may not be considered as an equal form of evidence by the medical profession”.  
It seems that I was right about this. Stigma is alive and well.

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