sunshine is guid for us all

For more than a decade I campaigned for Sunshine legislation for Scotland.

In 2013 I raised a petition with the Scottish Parliament. Given the need for consideration of a wide-range of evidence my petition spanned several years and I was often back at parliament [as a silent observer]. During this period of time I used to eat my lunchtime sandwich on a bench beside the statue of the Scots’ poet Robert Fergusson.

The public were consulted on my petition and supported it.

However, the Scottish Government chose to reject Sunshine legislation.

The Scots’ poet, Rab Wilson, penned this poem aboot my campaign for sunshine:

‘Bauld Fergusson, tho lang syne deid,
Shamed o thae curs wir kintra lead,
An hud the nous e’en yet tae rede,
Brave Peter’s placard;
Whiles MSP’s aa turnt their heids,
Puir craven bastards!!’

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