sunshine is guid for us all

For more than a decade I campaigned for Sunshine legislation for Scotland.

In 2013 I raised a petition with the Scottish Parliament. Given the need for consideration of a wide-range of evidence my peition spanned several years and I was often back at parliament [as a silent observer]. During this period of time I used to eat my lunchtime sandwich on a bench beside the statue of the Scots’ poet Robert Fergusson.

The public were consulted on my petition and supported it.

However, the Scottish Government chose to reject Sunshine legislation.

I made this film in 2018 [following a peaceful one-man protest outside the Scottish Parliament]:

The Scots’ poet, Rab Wilson, penned this poem aboot my campaign for sunshine:

‘Bauld Fergusson, tho lang syne deid,
Shamed o thae curs wir kintra lead,
An hud the nous e’en yet tae rede,
Brave Peter’s placard;
Whiles MSP’s aa turnt their heids,
Puir craven bastards!!’


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