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  1. Thank you, Peter, I feel honoured to have this film dedicated to me. Alas I cannot reciprocate but I dedicate this poem by Iain Crichton Smith to you.

    Tears are Salt

    Tears are salt like the sea.
    How reality breaks in on us
    while we are acting so well
    on our tiny stages,
    dressed up so sunnily
    wearing our brooches and belts
    considering the world
    as just about our size.

    Suddenly reality is there
    with its large crude torch
    shining it into our eyes
    and into our guts.

    The sunbeam just passing
    is carrying a coffin
    as a bee will carry pollen
    home to its hive.

    In the centre of the tear
    is a small inverted man
    gazing down at the sky
    and a pair of dusty shoes.

    Tears are salt like the sea.
    Standing together
    we look out from the headland
    at a mouth burbling with foam.

    The reality of #prescribedharm has shone a torch into our eyes and into our guts, in a most painful and cruel way, but there is much to sustain us when we stand together. And we do stand together.


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