Keir Gardens

Keir estate is a most ancient one. For centuries it was owned by the Stirling family but is now in private ownership.

If you have traveled on the M9 is is likely that you will have noticed the locked gates to the estate [just to the left of the Keir roundabout]:

Until his death, Ninian Niven was Head gardener for Keir, at which time his son James took over:

Keir gardens are extensive: breaking away from formal  design around the house to parks, woodlands and glades.

Keir House can be seen from the M9 as you climb through  the Lecropt glen:

Now private, the old Lecropt churchyard nestles in woodland where the Stirling family are buried [some of my forebears are also buried here including Dr John Stewart Rutherfoord who was doctor for Bridge of Allan before succumbing to cholera in 1849]

When the Stirling family were forced to sell Keir (due to financial difficulties) the contents of the house were sold in Stirling. At this auction my grandfather bought a number of pieces of furniture including the “Burma Suite” which was made of Walnut.

The gardener for Keir, Ninian Niven, was inventive:

He also traveled to gain knowledge, experience and ideas:

He regularly won prizes:

Today the Keir gates are securely locked and flowers, prize winning or not, are out-of-bounds:

Hopefully, one future day, not too long away, the gates to the garden will be opened once again:

My films on Keir can be watched here.

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  1. Thank you for showing me some of the pictures of the Stirling of Keir gardens! My 10th Great Grandfather was sir John Stirling of Garden and a knight. He married Margaret Menteith of Kerse in Alva Church. Someday I hope to go and see where my paternal line lived and thrived.

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