The Scottish Pharmacist

At the time of making this film, nearly 1 in 5 Scots are taking antidepressants. Many are taking them indefinitely.

The Scottish Pharmacist:

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I was prescribed Paroxetine (SEROXAT) over 20 years ago for ‘Generalised Anxiety Disorder’. It is a prescribed drug that I have long been dependent on.

Earlier this year, in a bric-a-brac shop, I came across a 1960s edition of a journal called ‘The Scottish Pharmacist’. Since then Pharmaceuticals have become big business.

I would like to dedicate this film to Beverley Thomson.

Music credits:
‘Every Secret Life’ and ‘Missing People’ by ‘The The’ from the Radio Cineloa Trilogy

(1) Mortar and pestle trade signs – all are from Scotland and the images of them were taken by Peter Gordon
(2) the molecular structure of Paroxetine

In order of appearance in this film:
(1) Evelyn Waugh (‘A Handful of Dust‘)
(2) Charles Dickens (‘Dr Marigold’)
(3) Anton Chekhov (‘Uncle Vanya‘)
(4) Penelope Fitzgerald (‘Offshore’)

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