The Editor of the Scotland on Sunday, in reference to language used in Parliament in the last week of September 2019, was of the opinion that it was:

The Editor was not alone in his concerns about how our elected parliamentarians use language:

In the same paper, schoolteachers have shared some of the consequences:

In this blog I have shared concerns about the language used by some mental health professionals to describe those who may ask questions of the prevailing approach in psychiatry. This blog has also shared  language used by some mental health professionals in relation to those who may have had less than positive experiences of psychiatric interventions.

In my opinion there has been a pattern of language where the “core values” of the Royal College of Psychiatrists have been ignored just as they have been in Westminster.

A number of mental health professionals have argued that language is not important – just as our current Prime Minister has reduced concerns about the use of language to“humbug”:

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