“Consider the perfection of the infinite unseen”

The career, and it would seem the passion and love of Peter Gordon (1823-1885) ‘the gentle gardener’, began at Newton, Rayne, in Aberdeenshire.

The ‘gentle gardener’ then traveled to Edinburgh to further his studies at the Botanic gardens.

But back to Newton. It is my understanding that the garden became neglected after the death of the laird, Alexander Morison Gordon. Fortunately his great-grandson, Alexander Parkin-Moore restored it – and I have heard gardeners-in-the-know – describe it as one of the most beautiful secret gardens in Scotland.

Newton has been described as “a Gordon house of immense serenity and dignity”:

Parkin-Moore hoped that his great-grandfather’s garden would “give pleasure to everyone” to “consider the perfection of the infinite unseen”.

One day I hope to see the garden of Newton where the gentle gardener first began learning.

However I have visited the mausoleum to Alexander Morison Gordon, the laird of Newton, who first gave the gentle gardener an opportunity to show his natural gift. This mausoleum is not easy to find, yet every day thousands motor it by, quite unknowingly, on the main road North:

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