BAP: Trainees’ Workshop

As part of the 2019 Summer Meeting of the British Association for Psychopharmacology has organised a ‘Trainees’ Workshop’ chaired by Professor Jeremy Hall and with the following five speakers:

I have worked all my career in NHS Scotland so the career of Professor Stephen Lawrie is familiar to me (though I have not worked with him and do not personally know him).

Previous posts relating to Professor Stephen Lawrie’s career can be accessed here.

Professor Stephen Lawrie has been directly involved in developing national guidelines on prescribing for Schizophrenia:

Professor Lawrie has gained professional skills in working with the media:

Here are some of the companies that Professor Lawrie has been a paid opinion leader for:

Last year Professor Lawrie gave a series of promotional lectures in Scotland as a paid opinion leader. The meetings titled “Honest Opinions – Personal Experiences” were fully sponsored by  SUNOVION to promote a newly licensed medication called LATUDA (Lurasidone)

The Summer Meetings of British Association for Psychopharmacology (BAP) are generally fully booked by psychiatrists in training and otherwise as part of “accredited Continuing Medical Education”. There are a number of social events associated with the Summer meetings and for a number of years BAP shared galleries of photographs, though most of these, like this one from summer 2016, have now been removed:

[Professor Lawrie is back right in this photograph]

Recently, Fiona Godlee, the Editor-in-Chief of the BMJ siad:

Professor Stephen Lawrie is an example of the present and is helping, through BAP trainee workshops such as this, shape the future.

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