Current education on Schizophrenia and substance misuse

Recently, in the public domain, a senior British Psychiatrist repeatedly stated that it was “propaganda” that the pharmaceutical industry has any significant role in the continuing medical education of British psychiatrists [I have kept record of these statements]

The British Association for Psychopharmacology (BAP) is generally considered by my colleagues as “the place to go” to be educated on prescribing of psychiatric drugs.

This is one of a number of forthcoming BAP Masterclasses. It is ‘Fully Booked’:

Below are some of the educators involved. I have added the brand logos based on declarations that BAP provide. However there is no way of reliably determining how much money these key educators may be paid.

Each year the pharmaceutical industry pays more than £40 million to UK “educators”.

My College, has recently confirmed that transparency is not a matter for it, as a Royal College, to take a position upon. This might be considered as a measure of the integrity of my College.  In my opinion it is an indictment.


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