Whilst I no longer contribute to social media I do appreciate how it “levels the playing field”.

Perhaps like me, you are not on social media, but have become aware of #hashtags?

I have this nagging worry that #hashtags encourage discourse based on the consideration of isolated words rather than actual complexity and context of everyday life.

Many hashtags are based upon a prefix or suffix to a single word. An example might be #pill-shaming, another example might be #anti-psychiatry. I guess that you may have many other examples. My worry is that such hashtags facilitate divides rather than encouraging a consideration of a wider range of thoughts and experience.

It is my view that ethical and moral leaders should do their best to share all contributions – positive, negative and all in-between – however tagged or shared.

Here is a recent example for the hashtag #ITakeMedsForMyMentalHealth

The President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists to a contributor who was pointing out that any intervention can have harms: 

"Please stop trying to silence with threats and intimidation. Some people benefit from medication, they have a right to be heard"

One contributor responded to the President: 

"True Wendy. But the Royal College of Psychiatrists needs to give equal voice to those damaged. Has the College considered offering support? That would change the tone on twitter. The College should be tweeting our stories EQUALLY to good stories. I have tweeted many times and the College has not retweeted one"

It is my view that the Royal College of Psychiatrists has lost its moral compass.

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