“. . . the race is on to get it to market”

The story of ‘alcosynth’ was given yesterday in a number of the National papers. The subtitle in the Guardian stated that “. . . the race is on to get it to market.”

Professor David Nutt, and “his business partner” David Orren, featured prominently in the media coverage. Professor David Nutt has become one of the most well known scientists in the UK and his talks and lectures are regularly promoted by the Royal College of Psychiatrists to its members.

Professor David Nutt has declared his extensive competing financial interests but this does not necessarily mean that professionals and public are aware of this.

The following quotes are fictional ones by writers including Anne Tyler, Muriel Spark, Ali Smith, and Gustave Flaubert. There is one non-fictional quote and that is by Sir Kenneth Calman from his book ‘A Doctor’s Line’.

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