“What’s the beef?”

The authors of this recently published perspective on antidepressants ask: “What’s the beef?”

Here is my response:

  • This is an extremely poorly written perspective: the language is clumsy and the use of metaphors dreadful.
  • Professor David Nutt and Professor Guy Goodwin have, throughout their careers, been paid by the Pharmaceutical Industry and [at least in the field of psychiatry]  may be two of the most highly paid opinion leaders in the UK . It would seem that they have been ‘dining out’ on steaks in the world’s best restaurants.
  • Professor Guy Goodwin featured on BBC Panorama “Who’s paying your Doctor”. This was many years ago and there seems to have been little or no negative consequences of this ‘expose’ in terms of his career and progression.
  • Short term studies (8-12 weeks) provide no evidence on longer-term harms. Despite this the authors notably put “harms” in quotes.
  • My view is that this perspective does not meet professional and ethical standards for publishing in a scientific journal. If you agree, please share this post.






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