“Put to Bed”

On the 21st February 2018 Professor Carmine Pariante was quoted across the world:

“this meta-analysis finally puts to bed the controversy on antidepressants . . . “

The Science Media Centre disseminated this “Expert Briefing” to the world.

Meantime the Science Media Centre has chosen to take a back seat on the driving forces that inevitably bring headlines to the world.

Professor Carmine Pariante recently agreed to an interview with Bob Fiddaman. Unfortunately all did not go to plan and the interview was cut short.

[The following statements were openly shared with Bob Fiddaman]:

“I should probably start by stating one thing on which I am sure you and I both agree. I am, like you (and many others) very concerned that antidepressants (especially the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) may have more frequent negative effects than originally thought, in terms of reactions to both taking the antidepressants and to stopping them.

Personally, I am grateful to the ‘harmed’ patients community who, through social media and advocacy, has raised awareness of the fact that antidepressants may have more serious negative effects than we originally thought.”

Professor Pariante contributed as the spokesperson for the Royal College of Psychiatrists to this recent Radio 4 broadcast. In this broadcast Professor Pariante assured the public that antidepressants are “life saving” and that only “a small minority” experience side effects. No evidence was given to support these statements.

My nightmares are full of poster-boys, ghostwriters, and all that is kept hidden.

signed a small majority


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  1. Reblogged this on GSK : Licence To (K) ill (Documenting GSK And Seroxat) and commented:
    Professor Carmine Pariante has benefited professionally from several Big Pharma sponsorship/research situations which he often lists on his declarations of interests. One of them is GSK. Quite how Carmine can justify being sponsored by GSK considering how they callously harm consumers year upon year from dangerous defective meds and dangerous and defective manufacturing processes- not to mention also their 3 Billion fine/felony etc- is beyond my comprehension. This sponsorship does not indicate that Carmine has patient’s interests at heart. He either doesn’t care, or it’s not important to him, that GSK are one of the most corrupt corporations on the planet. Peter Gordon took GSK’s Seroxat med and like me- and many others- he has seriously damaging side effects. Carmine seems to think that our cases, are either no big deal, or that they are so rare that they barely need any attention. He hasn’t even seen the data on the drugs (because its hidden), and he comes out and makes outlandish statements with no back up. Quite simply, Carmine has zero credibility. Once you take the Pharma cash, that’s the end of that, patient’s trust in you vanishes. Pharma has lied about side effects of its drugs for years, by taking cash, and Pharma’s side, medical professionals are complicit in patient harm…

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