Professor Pariante “explains the position of the Royal College of Psychiatrists”

Professor Carmine Pariante contributed to a recent Radio 4 consideration on antidepressants.

Today I have sent this communication to Professor Pariante:

Sent: 9 March 2019
Subject: "Explaining the position of the Royal College of Psychiatrists" - Radio 4, 6th March 2019

Dear Professor Pariante,
In this broadcast you assured the public that antidepressants are “life saving” and that only “a small minority” experience side effects. I would be grateful if you could share the evidence that supports these statements.

Kind wishes,

Dr Peter J Gordon
Bridge of Allan
GMC 3468861

One Reply to “Professor Pariante “explains the position of the Royal College of Psychiatrists””

  1. Pariante indicates that the RCPsych are now listening to the loud patient voice. He could demonstrate this by quickly replying to your letter with the evidence that you’ve asked for, (if you haven’t yet heard from him).

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