I was most fortunate that throughout my childhood I was able to spend the summer months in Argyll. My uncle, John Gibson Scott, had a cottage high above the shores of Loch Awe, before buying from the Campbell family, the Tower of Glenstrae. As my uncle worked in Africa, it was his mother (my granny) who was the custodian of the Tower and gardens. I was her companion.

My love of gardens and history has roots among the rhoddies of Loch Awe and my interest in architecture from the buildings and monuments of Argyll.

This is your country:

Peter’s memories of the Tower:

The little things that count:

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I was back up in Argyll on Monday last and here are some of the photographs that I took.

[the above quote is by Alexander McCall Smith from his lovely book ‘Chance Developments’ which he gave me]

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