Behind the graph lie a million stories

This film is for Raymond Tallis, Eric Matthews and Patrick Geddes.

This is a short film that considers the so-called “two culture” divide between the Arts and the Sciences.

The film begins with old footage of one of my ‘common place’ notebooks (written in my grandfather’s old receipt books for his orchard). My marginalia question if science has been ‘divorced’ from the humanities?

The film then considers language and science. Has humanity just one language? Can any language fully “translate” experience? Where do numbers (mathematics) fit into language?

Music credit:
“Lost Prince” – Terry Davies and Orchestra (BBC production)

Many years ago I contributed to social media. One psychiatrist, a ‘Real Psychiatrist’, and Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, repeatedly dismissed the medical humanities in one sentence. I sought to find reasonable middle ground but failed.

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