Antiquary Gardens

Alexander McCall Smith sent me some of his poems earlier this year and this was how the envelope was addressed:

Alexander McCall Smith is aware of my fascination with Walter Scott’s “The Antiquary”, such that I even call my study the “Sanctum sanctorum”:

On Sunday we visited Arbroath which was once the “Antiquary’s Garden”:



Hospitalfield House was open as part of Doors Open Day.

Hospitalfield was the home of the artist Patrick Allan Fraser and his wife Elizabeth:

Hospitalfield House is a time capsule of the artisan Victorian: Patrick Allan Fraser and his wife had no children and they bequeathed Hospitalfield to be a centre for training in the Arts. It is lovely to consider that Hospitalfield has been home to new and emerging art for over a century:

In what follows I intend to intersperse images that I took at Hospitalfield with words that I collect/borrow/steal from those that I read. The quotes offer considerations on art.

Fraser Mausoleum, Arbroath 9 Sept 2018 (8)


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