As an artist perhaps I am merely a way for ‘memory’ to get out into the world

I have a memory that tends to rely on the visual.

Last week I was gifted a book of old architectural photographs. One photograph in particular arrested me:

The film below, from 2006, was taken at these baths. By then the baths had been converted to a gymnasium. Here my son Andrew had a wonderful party. This was on the back of the success of his birthday party held there the year before.

As a direct consequence of ECT I hardly recall a moment of 2005. It leaves me sad to consider that I have no surviving memories of my children from this year. A whole year absent as a father.


End Notes: 
ECT was the consequence for me of trying to get off Seroxat, a drug that I despise.

The title image carries a quote from 'Lincoln in the Bardo' by George Saunders.

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