Bute House

The following reports are from the Scotsman of the 24th October 2017:

I made a film about Bute House that I shared with the First Minister in December of 2016. I had heard Nicola Sturgeon speaking in the parliamentary chamber about the Christmas trees that she had in Bute House. In sharing my film with the First Minister that I shared the view that Scotland welcomes the healthy growth of trees, people, nature, land and culture.

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Understandably the First Minister was not able to reply herself but I received a kind response from David Thompson of her Ministerial Private Office

“I wanted to let you know how interesting and informative I found the film. I have responsibility for Bute House and thought I knew most of its history.

I will make sure that the film is shared with my colleagues who work in the building.”

Here is my friend, James Simpson, OBE, architect, in Bute House at the time of its restoration:

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