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The First family of 6 Charlotte Square, Edinburgh was the Campbell family. A family whose wealth was made from the Brewing industry.

The Campbell family faced much tragedy. Above the family mausoleum in St Cuthbert’s, “Follow me” is inscribed.

Since 1966, the Campbell’s old home has been known as “Bute House” and is the official residence of Scotland’s First Minister.

This film is a plea for those elected Ministers gathering around the table in Bute House for the weekly Cabinet meeting to embrace Scottish intellectual pluralism. It is also a plea to cherish all families of Scotland, however ordinary or extraordinary, and wherever their first home may have been.

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To play this short film please click here or on the image above.

I tried to share my film ‘Follow me’ with the First Minister. Understandably the First Minister was not able to reply herself but I received a kind response from David Thompson of her Ministerial Private Office

“I wanted to let you know how interesting and informative I found the film. I have responsibility for Bute House and thought I knew most of its history. I will make sure that the film is shared with my colleagues who work in the building.”

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