The gateway to Saturdays [removed]

This short film is about Carnock House, near Airth.

Carnock House was demolished in 1938. Only its old oak door survives.

Actually the old oak door was taken from the “Old Carnock” castle when “New Carnock” House was built by the King’s Master Mason in the 16th century.

Just imagine how many interesting folk with forgotten lives may have passed through this old door to Carnock!


Old Carnock castle was at some stage re-named as “Bruce’s Castle”. Whilst now a ruin thousands pass it each day on the M9 but it is rarely noticed.

As ever I took the teddy “Hale Bopp” and the mouse “The Pawky Duke of Lost” on my recent trip to Carnock. We had a braw adventure through an imaginary gateway to oor Saturday.

The Carnock Door. Next time you go to the Stirling Smith gallery have a look at it. Touch it, ‘feel’ the time, and let your imagination go!

The gateway to Saturdays [removed] from omphalos

Carnock, Stirlingshire, Easter Sunday 2016 (8)

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