A Modern Ruin

The ruin of St Peter’s Seminary has been in the news. This given the Hinterland event of music and lighting:

22 Nov 2014 resurrection for St Peter's

St Peter's December 2015a

In December 2013 I visited St Peter’s Seminary. I found it a real challenge to enter with serious fencing, wild undergrowth and all sorts of obstacles underfoot and overhead. As you will see from this photo I came away a bit scratched!

St Peter’s Seminary is the same age as I am. It is a modern ruin.

St Peter’s Seminary, just outside Cardross, was completed in 1967. The year I was born. It is now considered Scotland’s most important “modern ruin”

Two films is on a visit to St Peter’s Seminary by Dr Peter J. Gordon on the 8th December 2013 [to play each film please click on the images below]:

St Peter’s:

Discretions and absences:

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