Summers of discontent

I recently read this book:


If you worry that the arts and sciences live a little too separately in academic cultures, I would suggest that you might read this book


In my writings, muses, images, and films I often return to summers (but more of this later)


Julian Spalding had a chance encounter with Ray Tallis:


I also had a chance encounter with Ray Tallis some years before Julian Spalding:


I first heard Ray Tallis at a medical conference, where he expressed:


The following introduction to “Summers of discontent” may at first seem a bit grand. But can our whole experience of life be captured by science alone?




Summers and holidays may carry moments when we feel most free:


Why then do I need to partake in art (such as ‘portraying’ summers)?


I am Peter. As a student I have graduated in sciences and arts. Nether define me:


This is the memorial to Hannah Stirling, erected by her brother, in the woods of Lecropt:


On the memorial Hannah’s brother wrote:

“Sister these woods have seen ten summer’s fade
Since thy dear dust in yonder church was laid;
A few more winters, and this heart, the shrine
Of thy fair memory shall he cold as thine.
Yet may some stranger lingering in these ways,
Bestow a tear on grief of other days:
For if he too, have wept o’er grace and youth
Goodness and wisdom, faith and love and truth,
Untinged with worldly guile or selfish stain,
And ne’er hath looked upon thy like again,
Then, imaged in his sorrow, he may see
All that I loved, and lost, and mourn in thee.”





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