Haloperidol in Scotland

At the start of November 2014 I wrote to all 14 regional NHS Boards in Scotland regarding the prescribing of the antipsychotic medication generically called HALOPERIDOL.

The 14 regional NHS Boards are responsible for “the protection and the improvement of their population’s health and for the delivery of frontline healthcare services”.

In this post you will find the prescribing figures and the link to the full reply by each NHS Board.

Each NHS Board area generally provided the extant protocols/guidelines that include Haloperidol as part of any treatment pathway. These may include protocols for Dementia, Delirium, Rapid Tranquilisation and alcohol withdrawal. To access these please click on NHS Board heading (in dark blue)

glasgowQuantity of haloperidol issued in Greater Glasgow NHS Board area:NHS Glashow haloperidolThe Excel spreadsheet can be accessed here. Greater Glasgow NHS Board confirmed that “the system used to extract this data was established in April 2010 and data prior to this is not included”.


LothianQuantity of haloperidol issued in Lothian NHS Board area:NHS Lothian HaloperidolNHS Lothian protocols can be accessed here


Grampian Quantity of haloperidol issued in Grampian NHS Board area:NHS Grampian HaloperidolNHS Grampian protocols can be accessed here 


Forth VQuantity of haloperidol issued in NHS Forth Valley Board area:NHS Forth Valley HaloperidolNHS Forth Valley protocols can be accessed here


TaysideQuantity of haloperidol issued in Tayside NHS Board area:NHS tayside, HaloperidolTayside NHS protocols can be accessed here



Ayrshire and Arran NHS have listed all rather than tabulated in yearly summaries.

For haloperidol use 2011 – 2012 in Ayrshire & Arran NHS, click here

For haloperidol use 2013 – 2014 in Ayrshire & Arran NHS, click here

For Ayrshire & Arran NHS protocols, click here


BordersQuantity of haloperidol issued in Borders NHS Board area:Borders NHS HaloperidolBorders NHS protocols can be accessed here


highlandQuantity of haloperidol issued in Highland NHS Board area:NHS Highland haloperidolHighland NHS protocols can be accessed here and here


Western IQuantity of haloperidol prescribed in Western Isles NHS Board area:Western Isles HaloperidolWestern Isles NHS protocols can be accessed here


FifeQuantity of haloperidol prescribed in Fife NHS Board area: NHS Fife Haloperidol

NHS Fife Haloperidol communityNHS Fife protocols can be accessed here


dumfrQuantity of haloperidol prescribed in Dumfries and Galloway NHS Board area:Dumfries & Galloway NHS HaloperidolDumfries and Galloway NHS protocols can be accessed here


ShetlandQuantity of Haloperidol prescribed in Shetland NHS Board area:NHS Shetland, HaloperidolShetland NHS protocols can be accessed here 


OrkneyQuantity of haloperidol prescribed in Orkney NHS Board area:Orkney NHS Haloperidol





LanarksQuantity of haloperidol prescribed in Lanarkshire NHS board area:NHS lanarkshire Haloperidol Lanarkshire NHS protocols can be accessed here


Update, 5th October 2016. The following was published on the 
front page of the Scotsman newspaper: 

"Mental health prescriptions hit ten-year high"

prescriptions-for-mental-health-drugs-10-year-high-nhs-scotland-2016-a prescriptions-for-mental-health-drugs-10-year-high-nhs-scotland-2016-b

The figures are from the Scottish Government and can be accessed here.

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