a magic circle of circles

It is a cosmic mystery why oor nation has failed to recognise this cotter-toun lad: James Ferguson [1710-1776]: unschooled stargazer, mathematician, engineer, astronomer, philosopher and artist. A magic circle of … Continue reading a magic circle of circles

pictures of you

For Sian. Pictures of you: Music credits: [1] Jennifer She Said – Lloyd Cole unplugged, 2016 [2] Pictures of You – Brandon McCulloch’s cover of a song by The Cure … Continue reading pictures of you

Heatherbell revisited

Heatherbell is to be found on the road north from Grantown On-Spey (A939) a little beyond Lochindorb. I first visited it 2 years ago. This summer, with Sian and Big … Continue reading Heatherbell revisited

remembering you

Durn House, Portsoy, September 2022: Remembering you: To watch this short film please click here Opening audio: Robert Wrigley on Radio Scotland, 25 Sept 2022: ‘The distracted generation’ Music credit: … Continue reading remembering you