‘Leaving on a jet plane’

Earlier this month, several individuals representing NHS Scotland, took a jet plane to Qatar:

This was to attend this Conference in Doha:

This conference was hosted by Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) in collaboration with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI):

The National Clinical Director of the Scottish Government was there and gave this talk:

In May of this year, the National Clinical Director will be in Copenhagen, along with other representatives of the Scottish Government, to give these talks:

A dictionary definition of ‘Hypocrisy’:

One of the key elements of ‘improvement science’ is learning from experience. In 2018, the front page of the Sunday Express:

The following details were put together in June 2018, as recorded in this post:

What follows is a list of some of the events that the National Clinical Director for NHS Scotland had attended:

  • April 2015, London IHI Forum, Joint chair of seminar panel.
  • September 2015, Hong Kong, IHI Forum. Speaker together with IHI Derek Feeley: “Person Centred Health Care.”
  • December 2015, USA Florida, IHI Forum, Speaker
  • April 2016, Gothenburg, IHI Forum, Speaker with Derek Feeley: “High Impact Leadership & Newest Thinking for Sustained Improvement.”
  • May 2016, Brisbane, Australia, College of Surgeons: Masterclass, on Quality & Safety in Surgical Practice: “How to do a Q.I. Project.”
  • September 2016, Singapore, IHI, Debating panel: “The Patient knows best.”
  • October 2016, Mexico City, Speaker: “Patient Safety experiences.”
  • November 2016, Sweden, IHI Conference
  • November 2017, London. Annual Royal Free Marsden Lecture: “Scotland’s Approach to Quality Improvement.”
  • November 2016, Denmark. Meeting with Danish Health Minister: discussing safety in social care,
  • December 2016, Florida, IHI, Conference Speaker
  • February 2017, Massachusetts, USA. IHI: Update on IHI QI systems
  • March 2017, Kuwait. Sharing “NHS Scotland’s quality story”
  • April 2017, London. S. & Q. Forum
  • May 2017, Doha, Qatar, IHI Conference, Speaker
  • May 2017, Dublin, IHI. Leadership Academy
  • August 2017, Kuala Lumpar, IHI Conference, Speaker.
  • September 2017, Belfast, IHI Alliance Conference, Speaker
  • September 2017, London, IHI Event, Speaker & Facilitator
  • October 2017, Denmark, Speaker
  • November 2017, Stormont, Northern Ireland, QI Showcase: “Sharing thoughts on Scotland’s QI journey.”
  • November 2017, Edinburgh, IHI: “All teach, all learn” with Derek Feeley
  • May 2018, Amsterdam, International forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare: “High-Impact Leadership in the Real World”
  • May 2018, Faroe Islands, Safe Settings: “Quality Improvement across the public sector – lessons from Scotland”
  • June 2018, Hosting TEDx Glasgow
  • June 2018, “IHI Summer Immersion” camp where one contributor claimed that “there can surely be no other country in the world with a political leader as fluent in the language of improvement as Nicola Sturgeon”
Below: FOI response from the Scottish Government dated 11 December 2017 (the initial FOI request was refused by the Scottish Government) and this information was only received after challenging the Scottish Government's interpretation of FOI legislation.

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