In the parish of Huntly there is a natural hillock known as ‘Sleepy‘. To get to ‘Sleepy’ you first need to open the, now unhinged gate, to where St Peter’s church once stood. The worship days of this church are now so far in the past that they have all but been forgotten:

From here you follow a watery route. First by the river Deveron, then by the the Glen Burn, and finally by Gordon’s burn. When you reach ‘Gordon’s Chair‘ you will have nearly made it to ‘Sleepy’!

Sleepy Hillock [Ordnance Survey book]:  “A small round Knoll, covered with rough pasture – one of the Caudy Knows – some of the old people in the district used to say that it was one of The Fairy Hillocks and the unwary traveller who happened to rest on, or near it, was sure to be overcome with sleep – and perhaps wake up after the elapse of half a century or so – to find everything changed and no one to remember them. Time had forgotten to change them and the felt as if they had only been asleep a few hours.”

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