Mimrikin’s Clump is to be found a little west of Logie farm in the Parish of Fintray, Aberdeenshire.

The Modern Antiquarian visited Mimrikin in June 2011: “It is easy to see why old Fred Coles and others possibly thought there was a stone circle here – there are boulders everywhere. Possibly two enclosures are here but I managed to find one as the site is heavily overgrown. Two large boulders, 8 feet apart, mark the south western entrance. From the northern boulder an arc of smaller boulders can easily be seen. This leads onto an earthen bank. Stones can be seen in a circular shape but a winter time visit will make things clearer. Still it has impressive views of the River Don and Tyrebagger, northern slopes (the Slacks cairn etc.).”

The Ordnance Survey book of 1865:

(Site of Supposed) Stone Circle:   A circular bank, evidently artificial about four feet broad and, from the centre of the enclosure, two feet high, having an entrance about eight feet wide pointing in a south-west direction. Unlike the two at Cothill farm, this supposed circle has no stones near it, and Mr. Warrack’s opinion is the only authority.

Mr. Dalrymple F.S.A. (Scot:) [Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland] was good enough to lend me his aid in ascertaining whether these were veritable circles or not; he came to the conclusion that they were, though whether sepulchral or not, he could not possibly say. In a letter to me on the subject, he writes; – “The enclosures at “Mimrikin’s Clump” are very curious, and as far as my experience goes, one of them is unique, being a well-defined semi-circle enclosed by a low vallum. There are some few large stones dotted on the said vallum, & my impression is that there have been more, placed probably with some degree of regularity, thus; [insertion of drawing depicting previous description]. I say “probably”, because I have seen, more than once, the stones of “Druids Circles” placed on a low mound running round the circle.” It is proposed before long to have a digging at these places. [Signed] E.H. Courtney. Capt.R.E. [Captain Royal Engineers] 30th June 1866.

P.S. On digging, these Circles have been found to be sepulchral, but no urns were found in them, either from the clay having mixed with the soil, or from the Circles being of a primitive, & very early type. [Initialled] E.H.C. Capt.R.E. [Captain Royal Engineers] 31/7/66. [1866]

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