Land for the people

In 1996, Ian Thomson, a protester against environmental wrongs in Scotland, set up home in Boreland Farm cottage, one of many such rural buildings that had been abandoned on the 15,000 acres of Blackford Farms Estate in Perthshire [owned by the wealthy Al-Tajir family of the United Arab Emirates via registration in Liechtenstein].

In October 2022 I visited what remains of Boreland cottage and made this short film. It is for all activists for a better world:

Land for the people:

To play this short film please click here or on the image above of Ian Thomson beside Boreland Cottage in 1996.

Music credits:
[1] ‘Time catches up‘ – Dexter Britain [shared under common license]
[2] ‘Downside Up‘ – Peter Gabriel and the New Blood Orchestra [I do not have copyright]

Archive credit:
[1] Rob Gibson – Reclaiming our land
[2] British Newspaper Archive


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