“flattering and gratifying”

Professor Rob Howard has stated that he finds it “flattering and gratifying” to cause distress to others on social media.  On Twitter his provocative behaviour is regularly unpleasant and often nasty. Professor Rob Howard has confirmed that he “enjoys” causing such distress.

This blog about Prof Rob Howard [which he never shares] is based entirely on his own words [for which only he is responsible]. The blog includes reactions by a wide range of people [but not by me] to Prof Rob Howard in relation to the distress that his online behaviour causes.

Prof Howard routinely ignores College Core Values and GMC advice on Doctors’ Use of Social Media. If anybody points this out to Prof Howard he labels them as “stalkers” or “sadists”.

Recently the President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists “reissued” a reminder of the College’s Social Media Policy which Professor Robert Howard has continued to ignore. Prof Robert Howard has left a number of people on social media so distressed that they have been suicidal. It is surely time for the College to take action.

As part of their Social Media Policy [2022], the College included a film by their Dean, Dr Kate Lovett, in which she shared “her tips  on how to successfully run a Twitter account“.

To play this short version of ‘Kate’s Twitter Tips’ please click here or on the image below:

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