Kate’s tulips for Sian

Yesterday it was raining.

Something as natural as rain cannot STOP the team of volunteer gardeners at Bannockburn House! The walled garden, after a century of neglect, is once again beginning to take shape:

Boots are provided for the volunteers [there is much digging still to be done!]

Bannockburn Trust is fortunate to have several volunteer blacksmiths who have set up a forge beside [what was once] the Head Gardener’s house. IRON railings reclaimed from long forgotten boundaries of the garden:

These IRON BENCHES will be there for visitors to take rest at the circle-centre of a [not quite square] walled garden: providing a chance to pause, observe, feel and sense . . .

from green, flowers blossom:

[Kate, Head Gardener for Bannockburn Trust, picked these flowers from Bannockburn garden and handed them to me to take home to Sian, my wife]

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